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High end Mastering studio for the independent artist to the major label. Located in Malmö, Sweden.

Free Test Master

Free Test Master

We offer a free test mastering so you can try our services. It is for one full song and we make the master available to listen in high resolution steaming. It is the same service as a normal mastering, unlimited recalls/revisions and is usually done within 24 to 48 hours. The master will be available for streaming, if you are happy with the result you can of course purchase the master files and we will prepare the master pack for download.

Important Note


Our main focus is to provide our customers with a fresh, experienced and objective listening perspective in order to make your audio material to sound better and to optimise you projects for compatibility with all listening media. We make sure your music is ready for release and we listen to you as we want you to be happy with the final master.

We work with TV, Radio, independent/major label, publishers as well as with the producer or musician directly. We love music and we take pride in providing masters that make our customers come back.  Wether you are a musician, a producer, a band manager or a label we will welcome your project with passion for pristine music definition.

Online or Attended session

Our 90m2 Studio is ate the heart of a huge studio complex and our 60m2 listening room allow for a full band to come to the session. We offer attended sessions at no extra cost, we can accommodate around 6 to 8 person in our large sofas, just let us know and get some coffee going or get some pizza and arrange the session for you.


Analog and Digital audio mastering, CD Mastering (DDP), Vynil Pre-mastering, Film & TV Post Production, EBU R128 compliance, Audio restoration, Master For iTunes compliance, Remastering for iTunes, Mixing…

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Client picks

1NAM, Adam Huligan, Alex Gerdt, ALM, Andre Matejic, Ante, Antik, Antique Toy, Anton Ewald, Antonio D, Audiokänsliet, Bach, Basement Jaxx, BBC Radio, Beethoven, Buju Lynx, Burning Mind, Caesar Legion, ChAsJaM, Chopin, Chords,  Chris P, Cirkus Miramar, Clare Cunningham, Clint Hoffa, Daniel maguns Benet Björck, David Lils, Dead Vegetable, Desmonia, Diana Ray, Don Carlsson, Dryhimmarn, E.A.T, Grieg, Electronomy Department, Eliardo, eSPI, Ester Fox, Ethan Sky, Eurovision, Feedback Film, Felix Illi, Filip Råberg, Filiz, Fred Vogel, Groove Armada, Grown Up Stories, Grumligt, Hands, Henrik Ekstrand, Henwall, Jacob Tilberg, JenMargret, Jeremia, Joakim Karud, Joel Sundholm, Jogges, Jonathan B-T, Joshu, JstMsc, Kakfolket, Kayne & Lorenz, Klas Fredrik, KooKoo House, Krasher, Lená, Leo Spauls, Lina, Linnea Sars, Low Medium High Records, Lycouz, Lysa, Maja, Maria Lennefors, Mangarok Records, Mars TV, Me The Tiger, Melodifestivalen, Micke Svan, Misel, Moncho, Moon Man Records, MTV Music, MVRDVH, Nicolai Funch, Nils, Niro, Northquake, Olivia Eliasson, O-Hund, Otid, Ove Fager, P.Beats, Paper Dolls, Patrik Bergluind, Pernilla Österberg, PRFKT rights, Rafael De Svarte, Rambling Nicholas Heron, Raphael Luther, Refugees Of Rap, Retinue, Ronja Din Räddning, Rudeboy D, S+C Price, Saam, Sabotage, SALVO77, Sandra Camenish, Sasha, Seb Fontaine, Sebastian Wallden, Simon Jayson,Skagen Live, Sony Music, Sophil, Sound Citizens, Stripped Guns, Spydear, Subztain, SvahnMärkt, SVT, Tarraband, Teen H Weed, The Darkness, The Royal Beggars, Tim Gartz, Tim Jazz, Trattfolket, Uffe & The Running Buffalos, Universal Music, Wake Up Records, Warner, Wheel, WIINK, Wiktoria, WU PAEGNE

Spotify Showreel

Over the years we have mastered over 5000 songs and here is a small selection across all genres.

Mastered for iTunes has officially been rebranded as Apple Digital Masters. Now every audio advantage of these high-resolution masters is available across iTunes and Apple Music — for both streaming and downloads. And with an updated Apple Digital Masters badge, there’s a new way to let listeners know. Audiomaster is on the Apple Digital Masters Provider List. Please contact us for more info.


Cinema Experience

We built the studio with a 108″ screen for a better cinema experience, we can organise a simple cinema projection for you to check your project and experience it on the big screen in surround.

We have enough space to comfortably accommodate and sit a team of 6 to 8 people.


Music & Film sound mixing

Stereo & Surround Work

Sound Design

Dialog Cleaning/Editing

Score mixing


5.1 Surround Studio

Our surround system allows for surround work.

The studio is located in a large studio complex with access to parking, kitchen, toilet, conference space and we are surrounded by other industry professional and studios which offers the possibility to expand possibilities for your project.



Södra Bultoftavägen 51G

21222 Malmö


Please clic here to see our full price list


Wilmslow Audio Main Custom speakers & Crossover

Nord Two ICE Power 600w Stereo 1200AS2 Power Amp

5.1 Surround Unity Audio The rock MK2

Audese LCD-X, Audeze LCD-2

SPL 2489 Surround monitor controller

Silver custom Cables


Lynx Hilo

Apogee Symphony 2×6

Analog Outboard

Ström Dino Vari-mu Compressor

By Mumson & Fletcher MS76 with mastering mods

Occult Audio Tube Clipper

Occult Audio Passive EQ

DR MQ5 mastering equalizer

Tape Recorders

Ampex AG-440b 2track 1/4 in 7.5/15 IPS Tape recorder (Entirely refurbished with new heads),

Akai M8 tape recorder preamps

Pioneer RG1 dynamic Processor (balanced mods)

DAW & Softwares

Apple IMac 3,4 GHz i5, Apple Macbook 2.9 GHz i5

Avid Pro tools 2020 HD Ultimate , Cockos Reaper, Ableton Live, Adobe Audition, Harrison Mixbus, Izotope RX7 Advance, Har Bal, Hofa DDP, Signum Audio Bute Loudness Suite, AATranslator

Too Many plugins to list.


Dual Slate Raven MTI2

BenQ Full HD projector + 108″ screen

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WHAT IS THE MASTERING PROCESS?2020-12-22T21:02:07+00:00

Here is a list of the main tasks we will do during a normal mastering session:

  • Balance harmonics
  • Spectral correction
  • Control dynamics
  • Optimise loudness
  • Add analog warmth
  • Give coherence to an album
  • Optimise for playability on all media

Here is a list of other tasks we do depending on the project and customer requests:

  • Adjust stereo width and add ambiance
  • Edit flaws
  • Adjust length of silence between songs and PQ points
  • Insert Metadata
  • Apply noise reduction to eliminate clicks, pops, hum and hiss
What is Apple Digital Masters?2020-12-22T21:07:10+00:00

Soniska is an Apple certified Apple digital masters provider, we can provide a master that can be labeled Apple Digital Master (depending on your aggregator or distributor capability).

In short:

When creating a master, mastering engineers take into account the limitations and characteristics of the medium or destination format, as well as the listening environment of their audience. We follow Apple’s guidelines  as to provide a master that is optimised for iTunes (and as test have shown it will in general also sound better on all media).

We have found that a true Apple Digital Master should allow around 1db of headroom to avoid digital clipping. In this regard however, we need to mention that depending of the medium you use to distribute your music you will have to provide one wav file that will be sent to all online shops or streaming services without regards to the mastered for iTunes guideline. Although we strongly recommend that the ADM guidelines be followed for all release, please let us know and we will adapt the master so it sounds optimal for all medias or provide an extra master that will peak higher than the ADM master.

For you to check the ADM quality we will send you the preview in AAC format for you to judge for yourself and compare with your favourite artists.

How To Pay?2020-12-22T21:09:10+00:00


We will send you an invoice at the same time as the final master file, you pay only when you are satisfied.

You can choose pay by credit or debit card via paypal at no extra cost, by paypal transfer, By Swich or by bank giro transfer to 874-7560 and leave you name as a reference in the transfer.

For international bank transfer let us know in the order form and we will forward you our IBAN and BIC numbers for a transfer.

HOW TO ORDER & UPLOAD ?2020-12-22T21:13:16+00:00

Go to the “Order Mastering” page and chose the mastering you require, fill in the order form then click the “Submit & Upload button” and you will have access to the Wetransfer upload page to upload your audio material.

You should receive a confirmation email when you submit the form and when you have finished the upload. If you haven’t received any email in your inbox, check your junk mail folder.

WHAT IS THE WAITING TIME?2020-12-22T21:14:50+00:00

Depending on the amount of work ongoing we are usually able to deliver single tracks and EPs within 3 to 4 days and albums anytime within 7 days. In any case we’ll keep you informed if we are in a busy period but do let us know if your project has a crazy short deadline.

WHAT IS THE FREE TEST MASTER?2020-12-22T21:15:39+00:00

It’s a real master of 1 track as we would normally do except that it’s free and that we send you the master available for streaming in high resolution 24bit 96kHz.


Please do not over compress or use any limiter on the final mix unless it’s for tonal purpose.

We advise that the sound files you send do not peak above -3db but You can normalise to 0db if you want, we will level the sound to our needs.


We accept .wav and .aiff files of a minimum resolution of 16bit 44.1 kHz.

We recommend a bit depth of 24 bit and a resolution of minimum 48khz , ideally 88.2, 96khz or above.

for MFIT the minimum resolution is 24 bit 44.1khz

Please do not upsample the files and please do not send MP3.

HOW MANY REVISION/RECALLS CAN I GET?2020-12-22T21:19:38+00:00

You can ask for as many recalls or revisions as you want.

Our experience is that our customers are generally satisfied with the first or second master and we rarely do more than 4 or 5 recalls but we want you to be 100% satisfied so you can ask for as many revisions as you want regarding any aspect of the master.


If you are not happy, get back to us and we will make the changes required for your satisfaction.

In the extreme case you really don’t want to go further with us, simply let us know and we will refund you if you have already paid.


Yes of course we can add the irsc codes and metadata to the DDP, simply add the codes to the order form or email them to us later if you don’t have them yet.

DO YOU REVIEW MIXES?2020-12-22T21:29:50+00:00

Yes we can review mixes free of charge, no problem, just send us the file!

We asses the mix on the first listen and we actually would rather you go back to the mix if any element of the mix is out of place than try to correct the impossible with the mastering process.

WHAT IS A STEM MASTERING?2020-12-22T21:30:53+00:00

Stem Mastering is a method of mixing audio material based on creating groups of audio tracks and processing them separately prior to combining them into a final master mix. Stems are also sometimes referred to as submixes, subgroups, or busses.

Basicaly we would use in general 4 stereo stems (for example: vocals, drums, bass, other instruments) and we would mix and process them ourselves before creating the stereo master.

This technique can be useful if a mix sounds muddy for example or if an album has been mixed by different engineer or recorded in different studios.

We have found that some of our customers can struggle with their final mix down quality and like to leave it to us to make the final decisions to optimise the mix down and create a cleaner master.

CAN WE WORK WITH THIS GENRE OF MUSIC?2020-12-22T21:31:47+00:00

We do not specialise in any genre of music or type of project, Over the years we have worked on many projects and an extensive range of genres, if you are unsure try the free test mastering service or please get in contact with us.

REFERENCE SONGS?2020-12-22T21:32:31+00:00

We recommend you send us some reference songs so we have an idea of the loudness, tone and dynamics you are looking for. In the event you don’t send us any reference we will master the song so it is ready for release, sounds modern and fits within any playlist of the same genre.

MIXING SERVICE2020-12-22T21:33:38+00:00

We normally only offer mixing to artists or producers signed to a major label,  But we can do an exception for the right song.

Contact us for more info

RESTAURATION / RE-MASTERING2020-12-22T21:34:29+00:00

We offer an audio restoration service and we can also re-master your old catalog, please contact us to discus the project.


Our prices include 25% VAT (moms) and apply to unsigned artists. We will not charge you the 25% VAT if you can provide us a EU VAT number on the order page or by Email.

  • -Signed to a record label or to a publisher
  • -A publisher
  • -A record label
  • -A sound design company
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